What is The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 2019 Remake


Genre: Action-Adventure

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: (2019) Still to be determined

Rated E


Link's Awakening Cartoon Illustration

Link’s Awakening Re-Awakened

The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening comparison of GAMEBOY, GAMEBOY COLOR, and Nintendo Switch

From the hit release of the GAMEBOY back in 1993 to the later saturated version on the GAMEBOY Color in 1998 followed by yet another presentation on the Nintendo DS via the virtual console comes The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the fourth time in over twenty five years and this time it’s getting a complete overhaul and looks better than ever before!!

Welcome back to Koholint Island in the fourth installment to The Legend of Zelda series remade for for the Nintendo Switch in the most full blown polished 3D experience that we’ve seen yet for this particular title. The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening holds true to exclusively being only available for hand held devices although this time thanks to the Switch’s port we now can take the experience to the big screen, AWESOME!!

In this remake we are not looking at simply a remaster or enhanced edition. No, we are literally looking at an entire remake of the game’s original 8-bit retro appearance transformed into a 1080p masterpiece (720p on the hand held). Big difference!

this is the first time an overhead perspective game looked so good. Even the 2.D side-scrolling areas of the game jumped to a 2.5D crisp revamp.

The Exclusive, the Illusive, and the Intrusive

2.5D Side-scrolling format for the new Link's Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening sets itself apart from all other Zelda titles significantly in many ways. Unlike the chain-chomps scattered throughout the world Link’s Awakening is “off the chain!”

First off the game takes place on an island outside of Hyrule and in an alternate reality. Secondly, Link encounters enemies and characters completely foreign to the Zelda series yet all too familiar in other franchises such as Mario, Kirby, and Yoshi! This is literally the ONLY Zelda game you will ever see where Link is thrown into the mix with: 

  • Chain-Chomps 
  • Goombas
  • Piranha Plants 
  • Shy Guys
  • Wart
  • Yoshi Plush
  • Kirby 
  • Sea Urchins 

It is apparent that Nintendo took a random idea and ran with it filling in the blanks on the way in such a reckless and yet creative fashion ultimately and haphazardly creating a masterpiece in it’s entirety!

Additionally and to some, unfortunatly the direction of this game came at the cost of the elimination of two elements that typically play a pivotal role in each game and the series at large. Zelda and the Triforce sadly do not make an appearance in Link’s Awakening as they had no relevancy in it’s plot. This does not bother me necessarily, as they would have appeared misplaced if they were incorporated in it’s story line as Ganon even seemed a little out of his element. Although I must say … Why would it be called the Legend of Zelda without Zelda? Maybe they should have made more of an “Adventures of Link approach to it’s title as they did in the second installment to the Zelda series.     

What is The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening About?

The Legend of a Dream

Shortly after the events of A Link to the Past comes The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening where Link pursues the development of his combat training across seas but unfortunately his fate takes a turn for the worst amidst a raging storm where his small one man boat is ripped asunder leaving him clinging to debris for dear life.

After the storm lets up Link wakes up to find that he had been washed ashore onto an Island named Koholint and in the company of a fine young island lass named Marin who found you all beached and such and proceeds to take you to her father Tarin. 

that will be the last most logical and understandable five minutes of the game. Everything thereafter just starts getting more and more mysterious and will leave you spending the remainder of the game putting the pieces together starting with Marin sharing her unbridled fascination with both you and the surrounding world around her island and how she wishes to travel via the form of a seagull. An owl of questionable origin speaks to Link about awaking a Wind Fish who lies sleeping and dreaming in an egg upon the top of the islands central mountain AKA Mt. Tamaranch, the very mountain illustrated on the cover are of the game… you know, the one that looks exactly like a yoshi egg. 

Upon the owl’s questionable advice to awaken this wind fish and hatch this enormous egg Link embarks on yet another one of his typical “fetch quests” to obtain eight instruments from Sirens deep in the depths of The Legend of Zelda’s most popular features, dungeons because supposedly it’ll require all eight in order to awaken this heavy sleeper from his dreaming slumber.

among your travels you will learn that Koholint Island is only but a dream in and of itself although denied by the owl who claims such an idea is only but a rumor, you will encounter nightmares who desire the instruments for themselves in hopes to control the Wind Fish’s dreams and ultimately you will hatch the egg when all eight instruments play in harmony the Ballad of the Wind Fish! 

Spoilers! – Things begin to unfold rapidly at this point. The egg does not contain the Wind Fish, instead it contains none other than Ganon, the final Nightmare boss! The owl however, is the Wind Fish in disguise who intentionally sent you on the quest with hidden intent to employ your aid in the elimination of his nightmares that haunt his dream… Koholint Island… Yes, the Island is only a dream and upon playing the Wind Fish Ballad one last time after Ganon’s defeat you will awaken on driftwood in the middle of the ocean back in reality after your ship wreck! It’s at this point you realize the subtitle of the game is actually the ending, Link’s Awakening!        






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