What is the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild In Depth






Link is as usual and most obviously the well known elf protagonist and main character of the game being the sole PC in Breath of the Wild. He is very quiet, making no audible conversation throughout the entire duration of the game other than his grunts, mumbles, and random sounds at appropriate strenuous, painful, or surprising instances. Instead, Link makes hand gestures when engaging in conversation and keeps a pointy elf ear out for Zelda’s voice coming from his Sheikah Slate. Link is a well seasoned knight, chosen to serve at Princess Zelda’s side as her appointed knight. A honer given unto him prior to the events of the Calamity during which point he readily laid down his life for the princess and in turn was saved by her. His background is left pretty unclear other than we know his father was a knight of which he desires to follow in the footsteps of, he is very dedicated to his combat training, and seeks to hear the voice of the Master Sword and unleash it’s true power as the Hero of Old once did as told in legend. Although Link’s past is left a mystery outside of his service to the princess (as disclosed through recaptured memories) We do know that he fell in battle, was taken to the Shrine of Resurrection to recover, and one hundred years later comes forth from his slumber summoned by his princess. We also find that Link has a special ability of slowing down time in combat and his fight to save the princess unleashes the true power of the Master Sword!

The Legend of a Romance

Not commonly seen or made known in the Zelda series is intimate feelings shared between Zelda and Link. However, in Breath of the Wild this element is made glaringly obvious! More so from Zelda than Link.

Romantic feelings are exposed throughout the game via journals found in Zelda’s study as she makes observations on Links behavior toward her, Kass sharing in song, his instructor’s feelings for Zelda while Zelda only had feelings for her appointed knight, Zelda nearly telling the Great Deku Tree to tell Link she loves him when returning the Master Sword to it’s pedestal knowing Link would eventually retrieve it, and finally when Link was about to be struck down by a Guardian, Zelda’s secet love for Link brought forth the power she spent so long searching for, the power of the goddess Hylia, the power to seal darkness and contain Ganon, the power of true love you might say! Zelda spent the next 100 years in Hyrule castle containing Calamity Ganon until the day her prince Link would come and save her and all of Hyrule from a war that couldn’t be beaten until Link’s love for the princess drove him to prevail in the face of adversity! Love saved Hyrule <3


Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda is one of the leading rolls in the cast of Breath of the Wild appearing in most all memories and visions that Link recaptures and is the voice that speaks to link periodically via the Sheikah Slate From the very beginning as she awakens you from the Shrine of Resurrection. In events predating that of the game but made known through hidden memories, Zelda was tasked with many responsibilities in preparation of Calamity Ganon’s return. First and foremost she was hard pressed to understand and harness the freshly excavated Sheikah technology especially that of the Divine Beasts of whom she assigned the four Champions. All the while her father, Roam Bospharomus, King of Hyrule insisted on her study and dedication to unleashing her hidden power. However, Zelda had not been neglecting this as the king might have thought. Zelda and her appointed Knight, Link, had journeyed far and wide throughout Hyrule in the pursuit of unlocking this power primarily through going on various pilgrimages to pray at the goddess statues of Hylia of who’s spirit legend claimed she embodied. Sadly to no avail until Post Calamity when her love brought it forth from within her.