What is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Genre: Fighter

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 12/07/2018

What is Super Smash bros. Ultimate About?

Upon starting the game you will be welcomed with an epic opening cut scene rather lengthy but entertaining in content as it introduces action footage of each fighter in the game on various stages. The music delivers the classic smash jam paired with female vocals which I found to be an interesting addition.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fun fest reunion of 75 characters from various games coming together to duke it out on their corresponding 103 stages to choose from. only seven characters will be available at the start and it’s up to you to unlock the rest via all the play style options. Nothing spells a “smashing party of a time” quite like this franchise and this time they compacted all the previous games into one and topped it off with some fresh awesome content! 

On the main menu there will be six options available, presented in a radial fashion around a circular image presentation of the option you have highlighted. The menus in this game are pretty straight forward and easy to navigate other than the fact that I had a terrible time remembering to hold the B button to go back as opposed to just clicking it.

Ultimate Options

So starting off on the main menu it won’t take you long to realize that this game is (if nothing else) loaded with options, and we love options! Here is a list of what you will be looking at along with their sub-menus

Main Menu:

Smash > Smash, Squad Strike, Tourney, Special Smash, Modify Controls

Games & More > Classic Mode, Training, Mob Smash, Mii Fighters, Amiibo

Vault > Sounds, Replays, Records, Challenges, Tips, Movies, Shop, Presents

Online > Smash, Spectate, Settings

Spirits > Adventure, Spirit Board, Collection


Selecting Smash will led you to the sub-menu for smash, presenting a total of four battle options complete with a modify controls tab as well. At this point you can proceed with Smash or select Squad Strike, Tourney, Special 
Smash, or Modify Controls. This is the hot spot for getting right into the action.


Smash is the quick-play arena brawls that can be fully customized and played against friends or the computer or both with up to 8 players!

From the original version of Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 to the Ultimate for the Switch, Smash holds a special place in the fighting genre of gaming. The floaty, bouncy, cartoon beat-em up mayhem, the random unique items you scramble to obtain before your opponents, the cross-over variety of robust well-designed combatants with solid, easy to use battle techniques, and the interactive stages themed after various game settings with surprises of their own. Smash always delivers and this time more than ever before. Smash is like the heart of the game, the sun to the universe! Everything else is just extra!

Everyone loves a good smash session! In fact, getting a group of homies together for smash-athons was one of the many highlights of my childhood! With Ultimate, Nintendo once again delivers with a punch giving us everything and than some and granting us the power of total customization!

Upon selecting Smash you will be led to the next screen called Rulesets and within this area you will fully determine every detail of your game to the most minute detail. Select Create Ruleset and your options will consist of the following

Style > Time (Fight till the time runs out) Stock (Fight until you eliminate the lives of your opponent or visa versa) Stamina (deplete opponents life to zero)

Time limit, adjust your time limit if time is the style chosen

FS Meter > on or off for final smash charge up

Spirits > on or off for spirit assistance

CPU Lv. > 1-9 adjust computer difficulty

Damage Handicap > Auto or on

Stage Selection > Anyone, Take Turns, Loser’s Pick, In Order, Random, Battlefield & Omega, Battlefield Only, Omega form only

Items > None, Low, Medium, High, full selection of items to turn off or on

Random Stage Selection > Turn on or off which stages will be selected randomly

Advanced :

First to > 1 – 5 wins

Stage Hazards > on or off

Team Attack > on or off

Launch Rate > 0.5x to 2.0x

Underdog Boost > on or off

Pausing > on or off

Score Display > on or off

Show Damage > yes or no

After adjusting every little setting to your liking you can then save it under a name of your choosing for quick select later! As a Smash Bros. 64 fan my personal preference is keeping it as classic as possible with time style mode accompanied with default settings and Final Smash activated, like that’s even an option? I mean who can resist the final smash?


Squad strike is a 3vs.3 or 5vs.5 team battle mode. Selecting this play mode brings you to Rulesets which is essentially the same as Smash mode save the addition of the Format option.

Format > Tag Team, Elimination, Best of

Tag team is my personal favorite of the three especially with the way a new

fighter will join the moment you KO the previous one retaining all your damage taken giving it more of a king of the mountain approach. Multiplayer in this mode is sure to keep all participants on their toes. Elimination is the same as tag team other than the winner starts a fresh round with the next opponent. Best Of differs from the other two modes in how the winner doesn’t stay on to face the next opponent but rather, all fighters will be matched up and victory is based off of best three of five or two of three.


Here you’ll find many variations of tournaments that can be arranged to support 4-32 participants and broken down to feature a series of 2-4 player battles working through the ranks to face off against the victor of the opposing side! I played a few rounds of this and thoroughly enjoyed it but would certainly suggest recruiting as large of a team as possible unless you enjoy watching the computer duke it out against the computer for the majority of the time.


If you’re really feeling like mixing it up and adding a twist to your smash experience than Special Smash is for you. I find myself going here quite frequently to explore whole new ways to play. This is what Special Smash has to offer.

Special Smash > Custom Smash, Smashdown, 300% Super Sudden Death

Custom Smash is in essence the same as smash. The only difference is that before setting up your smash session you get a total of seven different customization options that will transform your experience drastically! Here is the list of options

Size: Off, Mega, Mini

Head: Off, Flower, Bunny

Body: Metal, Clear, Tail, Rocket Belt, Screw Attack, Back Shield

Status: Off, Curry, Reflect

Weight: Off, Light, Heavy

Speed: Off, Slow, Fast

Camera: Off, Fixed, Angled

You would be surprised just how interesting a battle can become just by toying with a few of these setting! If you are looking to escape the norm or get a little more crazy Custom Smash is the place for you.

Smashdown is where you compete in your typical smash session but according to your selected ruleset the only difference here is that in Smashdown you will Smash your way down the roster to victory in however many games you have selected. There will be two now options available in rulesets which are as follows:

Max Battles > 1- (as may characters as you have unlocked)

Mercy Rule > On or Off

Mercy rule allows you to not have to fight when there is no hope of comeback and the victory will prematurely be granted to the winning combatant as soon as it can be determined. This game play keeps it fresh in how it requires each player to have to change fighter each game.

300% Super Sudden Death

The title speaks for itself on this one1 I think we all love to have our battles end with the epic super sudden death round where the damage is peeked at 300% and only one hit will send you sailing! In this mode you have the privilege to experience this as many times as you like! makes for real quick rounds!


On the Main Menu under Games and More there is a few game options available which are excellently designed

Games & More: Classic Mode, Training, Mob Smash, Mii Fighters, amiibo


Classic Mode is very similar to that of the original Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. You will need to work your way to the final boss after doing a series of battles and obstacle courses. In ultimate this game mode received a complete overhaul, especially with the final boss where it use to only be the Master Hand it is now none other than the arch nemesis of the character being played such as Ganon for Zelda Characters or Bowser for Mario characters. Additionally, the obstacle course required to navigate is now a race against a massive black hole and takes place at the end right before the boss. Intensity (difficulty) of your Classic Mode adventure can also be adjusted via a large horizontal mural canvas, the further you scroll down the beautiful picture, the harder it will be with intensity levels gauging from 0.0 (super easy) to 5.0 (insanely difficult). This is absolutely the best edition of Classic Mode I’ve seen yet in my opinion and it keeps me coming back with new fighters while increasing the difficulty to test my mettle.


New to Super Smash Bros. or do you need to sharpen you combat skills? No problem, Nintendo has you covered with live interactive training that is so in-depth it will track damage, combos, and damage per hit all on a grid for measuring the distance you or your rival gets thrown! You will also be provided a menu to manipulate your environment and enemy (dummy) to serve you best for your training needs

Training Menu:

No. of CPUs > 1-3

CPU Damage % > 0%-999%

Fixed Damage > On or Off

Trajectory Guide > On or Off

CPU Behavior > Stop, CPU (Lv. 3), Walk, Run, Jump, Neutral Special, Side Smash, Control,

Other Settings:

Speed > x1, 1 Frame (Press ZL), 2/3, 1/2, 1/4, x1.5,

Combo > Do not Display, Display

Invincibility > Do not Display, Display

CPU Shuffling > None, A little, A lot

Stale Moves > Off or On

P1 Damage % > 0-999


Choose > What items you would like to incorporate into your training if any at all

I’ve spent plenty of time here and honestly you couldn’t ask for a better

training module than this. It helped me out a lot and it’s good for the beginner just as much as it is for the seasoned veteran. If there was anything that might have been a nice addition especially for those who would prefer not learn by trial and error but rather have an instructor would’ve been to maybe make some actual training course or levels with specific learning objectives but oh well. Throwing stationary characters around like rag dolls is about as fun as it is educational haha


Mob Smash is quite literally what it says it is! Single handedly eliminate your foes by the mob. Good for endurance and training or for just the challenge of it!

Mob Smash > Century Smash, All-Star Smash, Cruel Smash

Century Smash: Defeat an army of 100 enemies as fast as you can.

All-Star Smash: Go against all fighters in the game

Cruel Smash: An all-out fight against the toughest army there is! Have Have fun, you will have to be a glutton for punishment to undergo this!


Here you’ll be able to create a new Mii character or use one you might have already previously made. Mii fighters come in through different fighting styles from Brawler, Sword, or Gunner and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exclusive outfits and headwear are pretty comical!


The vault is loaded with all the miscellaneous goodies that you might not technically need but are tons of fun all the same here is what can be found within the vault:

Vault > Sounds, Replays, Records, Challenges, Tips, Movies, Shop

The vault is actually loaded with great things and I would certainly suggest taking a look over,

Sounds tab has every soundtrack and voice in the game of which you can create a playlist from for in-game enjoyment, really awesome!

Replays will obviously consist of any footage you record in your smash sessions.

Records > Stats, Milestones, Battle Data, Smash Tags, Past Opponents

Challenges is 124 pages of picture collage with each picture representing challenges met and grayed out if not completed. Completion of a challenge grants a reward but cannot be viewed until accomplished.

Tips is a very insightful for just about everything imaginable in the game including Fighters, Stages, Techniques, Spirits, Items, and more! Really useful if you are needing to obtain a better understanding of like, EVERYTHING in the game!

Movies are just a collection of unlocked cut scenes and…

Shop is for … shopping on Nintendo e shop, in case that wasn’t obvious.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reels in a whole new play style not yet seen in the series, Spirits!

Spirits > Adventure, Spirit Board, Collection


Spirits is the equivalent to what you might call the “main story quest” of the game through selecting the option, Adventure from the Spirits Menu. The plot is centered around defeating the powerful evil entity known as galeem who at the start, appears in the sky with an army of Master Hands at his disposal! Galeem shoots forth beams of light that capture all the fighters who stood their ground against him, possessing them to do his bidding. These fighters are of course those from the roster and you will be tasked with the exercising of their demons by… you guessed it, beating it out of them apparently! The game starts out with an aerial view of what appears to be a hand painted map of sorts and you will need to traverse the paths, fighting battles, obtaining spirits, freeing fighters, and working your way to Galeem, the final boss.

Only one fighter evaded the clutches of the evil Galeem and his name is Kirby and he will be your one and only fighter until you free others from there possessed state to once again fight on the right side… traitors! BTW this is an awesome way open up new characters if the random battle spawning is kicking your butt!

Unlocking fighters is not the only reward to receive in your adventure. their

are also Spirits to unlock and items for their upgrading as well. Spirits are basically stat bonuses in the form of just about every game character imaginable, it’s a really in-depth system and is played a lot like a collectible playing card game. These creatures can be upgraded via snacks, sent on expeditions to retrieve treasure or trained in the dojo. Spirits can also be summoned or dismissed and are equipped to strengthen your character in accordance to the particular challenge being faced.

Spirits are star rated to represent their level and titles accordingly from novice to legend. The more powerful they are the harder the fight will be to obtain them. There are primary spirits and support spirits of which only one primary and a few supports can be equipped at the same time. unlockable characters bear the primary spirits which will be granted to you upon their defeat and support spirits are held by all other combatants faced throughout the world.

Spirit Board

The spirit board is consistently filled with new spirits to be fought for but only stay up for a set time so grab em while you can and try not to lose… they disappear if you do


Collection > Team Setup, Inventory, Level Up, Dismiss, Summon

Collection is basically where you can go to adjust, upgrade, modify, summon, and dismiss your spirits. If this was a racing game and the spirits were cars than the collection section of the game would be a lot like the garage. All your Spirit needs can be met right here. Everything that can be accomplished in this section was already covered in brief above in the “Adventure” section.




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