What is Super Smash Bros.?

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What is Super Smash Bros. About?

It’s one of Nintendo’s best-selling video game series, Super Smash Bros. consists of 5 different titles released over a period of almost twenty years with its first appearance being made in 1999 on the Nintendo 64. Although Initially intended to be a Japan exclusive, it’s popularity launched it into a worldwide success!

Super Smash Bros. became increasingly popular over the years, most notably for it’s multiplayer element, managing to feature in professional gaming tournaments. A couple other aspects of these games that I believe was well received by the public and contributed to its ongoing success is the unique fighting styles assigned to each individual combatant and secondly, the fact that the participants consists of famous Nintendo characters!

Super Smash Bros. is a crossover game that falls into the fighting genre as this franchise literally revolves around Nintendo characters from various video games coming together to duke it out on a variety of arenas with corresponding themes. Much like a Nintendo version of Mortal Kombat without all the blood and gore!

What also sets Super Smash Bros apart from other games in the genre is that instead of having the objective of depleting your rival’s health bar before they empty yours, you simply need to knock your opponent off the edge to eliminate them!

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The ability to knock your enemy off the arena increases with each successful hit as displayed in-game via a percentage figure. The higher their percentage the more vulnerable they are to getting knocked off the stage by the following hit.

Items are distributed periodically to the arena, typically delivered in care packages such as boxes and granted on a first come first serve basis. These Items have the power to significantly turn the tide of battle in (or against) your favor depending on who gets their hands on them first. Items come in a wide variety from the devastating, over sized hammer to health replenishing food items, all of which offers an exciting and unpredictable outcome to every match!


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