What is Team Sonic Racing?



Genre: Racing

Platform: Nintendo Switch / Playstation 4 / XBOX One / PC

Release Date: May 05/21/2019

Rated E: Mild Cartoon Violence

Players: Single Player / Multiplayer / Co-op / 2-4 Split Screen


Super SONIC Speed!!

Sonic hits the big screen with Super Sonic speeds in this fast pace Sonic the Hedgehog third-person racing spin-off, Team Sonic Racing! Choose from one of 15 hedgehogs, get behind the wheel of your relative kart, and take it to one of 21 race tracks, engaging in epic cooperative racing madness spread across 7 zones that reflect locations seen throughout the Sonic game series!

Sumo Digital Reaches a New Pinnacle

Team Sonic Racing is developed by Sumo Digital, the same developers who brought you both Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing followed by Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed back in 2010 and 2012. Team Sonic Racing follows suite with these particular racing games including the incorporation of specific features with co-op play inspired by Sonic Heroes, a game released back in 2003 for sixth-gen consoles such as the Nintendo GameCube, PlaysStation 2, XBOX, and also for PC. Sumo Digital has has an excellent history delivering immersive and exhilarating racing experiences and succeeds yet again to do the same with this new balls-to-the-wall beautifully polished release

Sonic TEAM Racing!

Work as a team, perform as a team, win as a team, and forget the finish line! In Team Sonic Racing you will find that the game emphasizes the word team more than the word race meaning the finish line is not the main objective as you might typically expect in a “racing game.” team efficiency however is!

In Team Sonic Racing team work and performance takes the cake! Single player, Multiplayer, or up to 4 player split screen allows for as much PC and/or NPC interaction you would like including Couch Co-Op on a single TV screen. Your typical race will consist of 12 racers split into four teams of 3. Each team is responsible to look out for each other, share items, and contribute to an ultimate meter that when full, provides a healthy burst of speed for the team of which it’s duration can be prolonged via ramming your opponents

Fast and with CLASS

In Mario Kart you might consider “class” in terms of weight from light to moderate to heavy, the heavier you are the greater your power and speed, the lighter you are the higher your acceleration and handling making the medium weight the most well balanced. With Team Sonic Racing there are three different racer classes with significant variations that will greatly influence your play-style. Finding the class that fits your racing style best while best benefiting your team is crucial to the success of your game!

  • Speed: Has obviously the highest top speed but comes at the cost of acceleration and defense. This class is moderate in handling and is equipped with the ability of Radial Burst that can deflect incoming attacks and/or push away opponents in close proximity of your vehicle.
  • Technique: Excellent handling and acceleration, terrain has no effect on speed!
  • Power: Superior defense and offensive items, plow through obstacles without any hindrance to speed, and damage does not slow you down as drastically as it does other racers. All this at the price of speed and handling… yeah it’ll cost ya!

Pick your class according to the appropriate racer and play your part for the sake of the team, this is co-op madness!

Items, Rings, Wisps! – Speed Pads, Tricks, and Drifts!

Team Sonic Racing keeps the race just as interesting as it is intense with a large assortment of Items capable of turning the tide of the race in or out of your favor, Rings as we have seen in most all Sonic games for the collecting of points, Wisps which are essentially items/abilities found within item boxes taking the appearance of little alien like creatures, Speed Pads granting boosts of speed upon driving over them, along with Tricks adding style to the race and Drifts for maneuvering sharp turns at high speeds!

Put all these things together paired with the cooperative and racer class elements and you have yourself a genuine Team Sonic Racing experience!

Game Modes Till Your Head Explodes!

Team Sonic Racing include the following game modes for all your racing preferances!

  • Time-Trial: Set records and set some more records, who can set the fastest time for any particular race track? Great way to perfect your racing skills
  • Exhibition: Most popular of the different modes, in this one you can fully customize your racing experience to your liking
  • Team Adventure/Grand Prix: Most recommended for newbies or those just starting out on the game. In Team Adventure you will be able to become more acquainted with the different hedgehogs while getting a bit of a backstory to the premise of the game itself. Team adventure unfolds in a series of different challenges that will be rated by stars upon completion.

Surprise, Surprise! Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Customize!

Customization is actually more prevalent in the vehicle engine and undercarriage performance department than in the actual aesthetic realm. Still, playing around in-depth with the paint job of your whip can be quite engrossing and besides, there really ain’t no visuals more important than that which is under the hood!

Oh… and let’s not forget! You can customize the sound of your horn… why?!? it’s like being able to choose your own custom fart!

What is Team Sonic Racing About?

An Invite of Delight or Fright?

In Adventure mode, become better acquainted with the cast and find out their purpose in their racing pursuits, all the while putting a backstory to the game as a whole. In this mode you will unravel the mystery behind an invite sent to all Sonic racers, inviting them to participate in a once in a life time Grand Prix!

Sonic racers consist of 15 Unique individuals from previous Sonic titles that come together in this racing game to pit against each other! Each one having their own personalized vehicle, skills, and assigned class.

This invite was sent to them via a sponsor of questionable origin yet appearing innocent in nature cruising around in his egg-bottomed vehicle. His name is Dodon Pa

Dodon Pa is a most mysterious looking chunky feline of sorts buzzing around in a little hot rod, sporting leopard print and sending out invites to a supposedly exceptional Gand Prix entry opportunity. His motives for the Sonic Racers slowly appear to be concerning

Throughout the progression of the story driven Team Adventure you will learn the ropes of the game as it is setup similar to a tutorial to help get you get accustomed to the layout and controls of the game while facing a series of different challenges with a star rating system given based on performance along with Grand Prix and Team Races. complete these and find out the real story behind the Sonic Racers!





Team Sonic Racing | Sonic The Hedgehog

Team Sonic Racing combines the best elements of arcade and fast-paced competitive style racing as you face-off with friends in intense multiplayer racing. Race together and work together as a team by sharing power-ups and speed boosts.

Team Sonic Racing (Video Game 2019) - IMDb

With Roger Craig Smith, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Travis Willingham, Mike Pollock. Sonic and his friends receive mysterious invitations to a Team Car Racing Grand Prix set up by a mysterious sponsor. Soon after entering the competition, they begin to grow suspicious of the sponsors true motivations and whether they are actually more sinister in nature.

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