What is Rage 2?



Genre: First-Person Shooter (FPS)

Platform: PlayStation 4 / XBOX One / PC

Release Date: 05/14/2019

Rated M: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes

Players: Single Player


Rage 2 is all the Rage and than Some!

Eight years ago in 2011 (30 years ago in-game), we were presented with the initial Rage video game release. A video game having strong resemblance to the Mad Max movies along with much similarities to the Borderlands video game series as well. It quite literally feels exactly like borderlands if you were to minus the RPG aspect and add a mass graphical overhaul while the vehicular combat puts you right behind the wheel of what totally feels like Mad Max! The game had praise-worthy graphics for it’s time and excellent combat although fell short in the realm of it’s plot, it’s direction, and depth of characters.

Rage 2 is here to make amends to it’s former short-comings as well as hold true to it’s past strengths as well!

Wasteland Mayhem – Get Wasted or Waylay Em!

It’s you against the world in Rage 2… Or whatever is left of the world that is. Take on the role of Walker the last and lone ranger in the desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland brought to ruin by a large asteroid or should we say big-ass-teroid. Mankind nearly went extinct upon it’s impact and as for the survivors… they’d be better off dead, which of course, is your job!

We’re talking about full blown anarchy here as you face off against psychotic goons, mechs, hoards of hideous mutants who suffered a bit more severely from the aftermath of the asteroid, invisible samurai swordsmen, and a military force who refer to themselves as the Authority or new power/order seeking nano technology to further enforce their ruler ship over the corrupt land.

Nanotrite and You’ll Ignite

As it so happens nano technology/nanotrite is exactly what you must seek and collect in order to increase your skills and abilities and charge up your overdrive special which allows walker to enter a super human mode!

In Overdrive you will inflict more damage with your artillery, enemies will grant more energy upon being dispatched, and you will continuously regenerate health!

As awesome as this is, your possession of this nanotrite makes you a supreme target to the Authority and therefore puts you in a fugitive status.

What is Rage 2 About?

Open World Exploration and Total Domination!

Two studios in particular participate in the creation of Rage 2, first we have Avalanche Studios, the experts in open world exploration and second we have id Software best known for their first-person expertise together making Rage 2 all the rage!

Explore an open world barren wasteland at your leisure, infiltrate enemy settlements in total explosive mayhem utilizing everything at your disposal, engage in vehicular combat and races with rigs such as a variety of buggies, trucks and even hover around in gyro-copters, collect nanotrite to increase your overall power, and bring merciless order to the lawless populace!





Open World Trailer
Everything vs. Me Trailer

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