What is Nintendo?




What is Nintendo About?

Nintendo is a legendary video game company most notably for their family friendly and innovative gaming realm they rule so well!

Nintendo is nothing short of magical and imaginative, a “Walt Disney” in the gaming industry. providing families and more specifically, the kids with unparalleled video game franchises such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and much more! all of which hold a special place in gaming history set upon a pedestal of their very own.

Nintendo has also proven to have paramount creativity in their console designs, from the laser gun for Duck Hunt, the motion game play presented with the Wii, all their handheld devices from Gameboy to the 3DS , amiibo, up to the stationary/portable Wii U followed by what you might call the Wii U’s refined and way better version, the hybrid Nintendo Switch.

All in all Nintendo is an exceptional and trusted company in the video game industry and have provided endless fun and adventure for over many years and proving to stay true to this for many years to come!