What is Left Alive?


Genre: Third Person Shooter, Stealth, Survival

Platform: PlayStation 4, PC

Release Date: 03/5/2019

Rated M: Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol

the newest addition tot he Front Mission series although a stand alone title in and of itself, Square Enix (creators of the Final Fantasy series brings you Left Alive. a grim yet gripping survival story centered around three protagonists who seek to uncover the secrets behind unexplained sudden outburst of war that left their city in shambles.

It’s Left Behind and Left Alive

It is the year 2127 in Novo Slava, a city on the outskirts of Ruthenia when suddenly a devastating war breaks out with the neighboring country of Garmoniya who quickly lay waste to the city via an unexpected invasion consisting of powerfully armed troops equipped with armored vehicles and mechs. The onslaught lead to the retreat of the remaining Ruthenia forces save a few who were unfortunately left behind and LEFT ALIVE. amidst the abandoned survivors, three individuals play pivotal rolls in this dark, heavy, survival story and you will take on their journey as you progress through the game and make plot altering decisions that will have a great influence on the outcome of your mission.

Meet the Survivors

As this game unfolds you will experience this gripping story through a third person perspective of three protagonists who play key rolls in the events of the game, each with their own struggles and difficult choices to make

Mikhail Shuvalov

Ruthenian Staff Sergeant Mikhail Shuvalov, a Wenzer Pilot finds himself on foot at the very beginning of game as his mech is compromised during the heat of the invasion.

Shortly after his escape he is immediately thrown into the mix, trying to investigate the events leading up to the sudden warfare, taking action to properly confront the threat, uncover hidden secrets, and make it out alive.

Olga Kalinina

Olga was once an officer in service to the same republican army that invaded Novo Slava but was discharged upon the loss of her only daughter and employed thereafter as a Ruthenian police officer prior to the events of Left Alive.

Olga encounters an orphan girl by the name of Julia whom she personally protects during the outbreak of warfare, adamant to not see her succumb to the same fate of her daughter and in this endeavor stumbles upon pieces of evidence pointing to a conspiracy behind the war itself.

Leonid Osterman

Leonid Osterman, an escaped convict sentenced to die after being wrongly accused of assassinating the group leader of a liberation group known as NGFP (New Glory For the People) a group of which he fought alongside and demonstrated passion for their ideals. He took the opportunity to escape during the invasion of Novo Slava.

His Mission begins a little more personal as he seeks revenge on an individual named Ruslan who’s supposedly responsible for framing him as a murderer. It is during this pursuit that he unintentionally becomes involved with the other two survivors.

It’s Stealth or Loud and Proud

Although you can go into combat guns blazing, you will find that typically the game rewards and encourages stealth with traps and stealth kills over firepower or brute force as the odds are not in the favor of a group of survivors versus a heavily armed military. However there will be the appropriate times for loud and proud when facing bosses, small numbers, or participating in Mech combat.

It’s Survival

The survival aspect of the game comes most predominantly in the form of crafting. The crafting system allows the player to combine gathered materials to create items such as Molotov cocktails, remote bombs, smoke bombs, wire traps, IED mines and auto turrets. these items are especially useful in stealth combat but should be made sparingly as each item has its own weight and carrying capacity is limited.

It’s Determining Your Fate

Choices play a large part in how Left Alive unfolds and in these desperate times you can expect your choices to have desperate consequences so choose wisely and hope for the best. We haven’t seen a game so intricately tied to player choice since Heavy Rain.