What is Far Cry: New Dawn


Genre: First Person Shooter/ Action-Adventure

Platform: PC / Playstation 4 / XBOX One

Release Date: 02/15/2019

It’s A New Hope for Hope County

Welcome back to Hope County! If your initial experience here in Far Cry 5 was as enjoyable to you as it was me than I’m sure we can share the same enthusiasm on the upcoming release of Far Cry new Dawn where we will be venturing back to Hope County once again but this time obviously post the great collapse!  

in case I lost you at “the Great Collapse” because you never played and/or finished Far Cry 5 I’ll fill you in real quick on where we left off so you can better understand where we’re coming from with New Dawn. 

The fate of both Joseph Seed and the rookie deputy will be revealed in this Far Cry 5 sequel

Spoilers for Far Cry 5 –  There will be two opportunities to leave Joseph Seed (The main leader of the cult) and not arrest him during the duration of the game. The first chance to do so will be immediately after the opening cut scene where you are commanded to place him in cuffs but instead, opt out and leave with your squad… credits roll. The second option is at the very end of the game when confronting Joseph Seed at which point he will present you with the decision to either walk away or resist… Resist?! Aren’t I the officer making the arrest here… talk about a trick question! Anyways, Far Cry New Dawn is specifically the aftermath of resisting Joseph Seeds offer prompting him to launch a nuke on top of the entire state of Montana… dramatic much?  talk about throwing a tantrum!

Far Cry New Dawn picks up seventeen years after the nuking of Montana and in the same county to boot. The land is, (although reminiscent on what it once was) a barren wasteland given over to natures will riddled with mutant wildlife who have obviously acclimated to the radiation of the past few years. This is the first time Far Cray has ever made a sequel to one of their games and considering how badly we were left hanging on Far Cry 5, this could very well be the redemption we’re looking for and it is certain that we will find out the fates of both the rookie and Joseph Seed as well. Don’t get it twisted though, New dawn is technically a stand alone game. 

Comparing thee similarity

First off, looking at the Far Cry series it is easy to see that the developers have taken their fan base input and have consistently made each release better than the last in terms of game play. However the plot seems to be a little bit more hit and miss and as for Primal… doesn’t really count as Ubisoft gone done did their own thing on that game like it or not… a wtf moment there! As for game play though they have made leaps and bounds in making the series more and more player friendly and to their fan’s liking “kudos!” Let’s take a look at Far Cry New Dawn and list some great features that we can expect to see that serve as an improvement from it’s predecessor, Far Cry 5 and even some Far Cry 5 specific features that were kept because of how well it was received. Some points listed will be covered in greater detail below as well.

You will notice that Ubisoft is making a lot of moves toward a more RPG style game than has ever been seen in any earlier releases and honestly I find it to be a BIG step in the right direction.

  • Outposts can be left for escalation once liberated, meaning that they will increase in level to provide a greater challenge and great loot
  • No activation of towers for map exposure just as in FC 5 as that had proven tiresome in the previous games
  • An array of vehicles will be at your disposal as in all FC titles
  • Enemies will now have health bars you will need to deplete in order to vanquish
  • Enemies will now be leveled and will require your weapon’s level to be on par with theirs to have any hope of dispatching them
  • XP will still be factored into the game for perks as seen before
  • weapons now rank up three tiers, unlocking more powerful and tactical features
  • weapons now come color coded to specify it’s rarity
  • Stealth is a huge factor in racking up XP as seen in previous titles
  • Guns for hire and fangs for hire return with a whole new selection and up-gradable skills
  • main villain now comes in a pair of two twins both females… something we have never seen before for sure.
  • most everything will be crafted of debris from the pre-apocalypse county
  • animals are now mutated to a degree where their physical appearance reflects that of the land
  • pets now ride in your vehicle with you
  • crafting is coming back better than ever allowing for development of weapons, vehicles, and even the upgrading of your HUB, a small settlement called prosperity.
  • expeditions allow for traveling to maps outside Hope county around the country for the gathering of resources.
  • Co-op is back just as great as it was in FC 5

It’s The Post Apinkolypse

Go pink or go home! Far Cry New Dawn is a pink fest through and through.

I don’t know what Ubisoft was pink’n… I mean think’n but woah they went hard on pink this go around! I had initially thought Far Cry 4 to rep the color pretty good especially with the way the main villain freak bag Pagan Min incorporated it into the greater half of his primary attire  yet it doesn’t hold a candle to New Dawn. In this game you;re going to find that pink vividly engulfs the world in nearly every way possible! The paint, the flowers, the attire, the flipping subtitle, and by gosh the whole official game site is pink too! If I didn’t know any better I’d guess this might be a little girls game! Pink haters, you’ve been warned

supposedly a post nuclear winter super-bloom is partially to blame with all the new foliage although it doesn’t entirely explain why 90% ended up pink…

It’s my way then… the highwaymen

The new expendable spawns are highwaymen this time

 With Hope County in shambles and nothing left more than a short supply of survivors scattered throughout the area, the place becomes heavily targeted by ruthless scavengers referred to as highwaymen AKA road pirates looting and gathering resources at any cost. Yes, in essence we are talking about those enemies, the ones that every Far Cry game has… you know… those peons spread thick throughout the game blabbering the same few things every couple minutes, so insignificant that eventually they run out of face variations and end up looking like a dude you popped a few kills back… yeeeah, those enemies… we see it every time just with a new skin, name, and rep’n a new color… just call them the sheep blindly following their nut job Shepard!

 You will play as an entirely different character than that of Far Cry 5 and will be granted the option of gender, race, and attire. your job is to save the fellow survivors. The survivors end up finding themselves left with no option other than joining forces with those left from Edens Gate…. Wait… say what?? Yes, the cultists, the people responsible for the the nukie due. Between the Highwaymen and those of Project at New Eden it’s really difficult to determine what is the better of two evils.  

The highwaymen are lead by two sisters Mickey and Lou who happen to be twins (like that matters). Of all the villains Far Cry has presented us with, these two might very well hit home for the most repulsive arrogant obnoxious award! On the bright side it’ll make murking them all that much more satisfying!

Who’da Knew?…. It’d be Mickey and Lou!?

Personally, my favorite villain of all time in the Far Cry series (or most other games for that matter) is Vaan from Far Cry 3 and I ain’t seeing any freak taking his place any time soon.

Mickey and Lou are two power hungry leaders of savage marauders known as the highwaymen, so savage in fact, that they took it upon themselves to kill their father claiming his position of power over the gang. They lead their people as a team and and make a petty good team if I might say so myself with Mickey as the brains and Lou as the brawn. Both feel right at home in the wasteland and believe that in this desolate place the real currency is power and if you can’t take it… hell, break it!  

It’s about Getting the most of the outposts

Right off the get go you will have yourself your own base located at the heart of Hope County. This home base is called Prosperity and can expand and be upgraded through the progression of the game while utilized for your weapons and gear. Outside Prosperity, scattered throughout the surrounding wastelands are many variations of outposts haphazardly built from remnants of the past found strewn throughout the region. 

These outposts are held by none other than the Highwaymen and can be liberated at your convenience for the accessibility of fast travel points, elimination of your enemies strength in numbers, and the gathering of resources. For those familiar with the Far Cry franchise, outposts is just another day in the game and only to be expected! What you probably didn’t expect is the new features specifically pertaining to the outposts in New Dawn! 

Get a load of this, so after liberating an outpost you will be granted two options as to how to go about the newly established stronghold, either utilize it for fuel (ethenal production) or raid it to strip it of it’s resources than leave it for what is called “escalation!” If left for escalation than it will become re-populated with highwaymen!  Oh… that’s cool… I guess… why do I want to do that!? You ask, good question! When an outposts is left for escalation it not only becomes re-populated but also increases in difficulty so you get a fresh new challenge upon re-visiting and you know what that means… Stronger enemies better loot, booyah

It’s Crafting

The element of crafting has always been present in the Far Cry series whether it was simply the crafting of syringes, explosives, or drugs its always played a roll in the element of your survival and advantage. We haven’t seen the crafting aspect exceed much more than that aside from primal where you played as a cave man crafting everything from bombs to slings to clubs to villages. 

Primal was lacking in a lot of areas but crafting wasn’t one of them and I appreciated that even if it was one of the only things i did appreciate. That said, I can really appreciate the fact that crafting is going to make a strong appearance in New Dawn! You can expect crafting to be applicable to Weapons which have the ability of being upgraded up to three tiers along with the crafting of vehicles as well! 

It’s All About the Weapons

Weapons will will consist of a lot of what we’ve already seen in previous titles along with an assortment of new ones as well, most notably the saw launcher as illustrated on the cover of the game case, a weapon that fires buzz saws instead of bolts. 

Weapons will come color-coded for the first time in the series showing how rare and powerful they are via their designated color, something you might expect to see in an RPG or more specifically, Borderlands who has consistently color-coded their weapons for the same purpose. 

Additionally, these weapons will be make-shift weapons held together or functioning quite literally with random scrap parts scavenged from the debris just as upgrades will require collected scrap material as well. Attachments will no longer be an accessible form of customization for your weapons, instead those will come through the crafting/upgrading process for each individual gun. One attachment that has finally made it into the Far Cry series for the first time is bayonets which is quite exciting considering how crucial the melee element is to the game’s combat! 

For many Far Cry fans (such as myself) you will be glad to know that the re-curve bow will persist to make it’s appearance in New Dawn! Thank goodness 

It’s the Addition of Expedition

Far Cry New Dawn has decided to think outside the border this time with the new expeditions that players can partake in either alone or with others. Expedition are where you have the ability to travel outside the confines of Hope County and even Montana for that matter to locals/maps of smaller areas around the country for the purpose of gathering resources and/or packages. sounds like an awesome way to mix it up.

It’s no stop to the Co-Op

Co-Op is incorporated yet again in Far Cry New Dawn and is just as user friendly as ever so grab a pal and dig in!

Co-Op play was first introduced in Far Cry 4 but was limited to exploration only and not accessible through the main campaign than sadly removed with the release of Far Cry Primal just to be added yet again in Far cry 5. Co-Op play in Far Cry 5 was absolutely amazing as you could literally do everything in the game from beginning to end with a friend and I’m pleased to say that we can expect to see the same Co-Op capabilities in this new release as well, so grab a pal and take on the post apocalypse together!

It’s Guns and the Fangs back with Fun and a Bang!

No need to go it alone, pets and peeps are back again!

I wouldn’t blame you if one of your fav features in Far Cry 5 was the fangs and guns for hire, it was certainly one of mine!

Far Cry New Dawn brings it back with a whole new array of guns from grannies to manlys and pets from cuties to bruties.

Boomer is assumed to be expired… very sad, I almost developed a bond with the good ol pooch during my last adventure in Hope County. R.I.P. He will be missed. New Dawn presents us with an even cuter pup that at least eases the loss of our last canine pal if not making a better replacement (all do respect). this new dog is called Timber.




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