What is Devil May Cry 5



Genre: Action-Adventure / Hack and Slash

Platform: PlayStation 4 / XBOX One / PC

Release Date: 03/08/2019

Rated M: Blood, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Violence

Players: Single Player


New and True!

We all know the main protagonist Dante, the demon slayer. If you played the previous you should remember the devilishly handsome Nero as well, with DMC 5 a whoop-ass trio is formed as we welcome an all knew individual by the name of V … Ain’t no way that’s a coincidence!

If you enjoyed the DMC series thus far than I can assure you that purchasing this latest installment can be done in confidence and anticipation as this game holds true to it’s former glory suffering no major alteration in mechanics or direction as it undergone modern enhancements and technology only to deliver a true yet polished DMC game with a brand new plot just as compelling as those that came before!

The Power, the Guns, the Swords – Same Stylish Combat to Kill Demons by the Hoards

Over-the-top, high paced, exaggerated, combination driven combat remains just as prevalent if not more so in this chapter than any of the ones that came before with the signature mid-air combos, sword/gun/demonic power mix-up in which performance is encouraged with a unique style based reward system while being all the more visually appealing with modern gaming capabilities!

Assume the role of all three protagonists in this game and experience the unique and diverse combat techniques, weapons, and play-styles they have to offer all the while mastering their combos to bring in that SSS rank

Oh yeah, Let’s not forget the robo-arm wielded by Nero which packs a whole lot more than a punch!

Best Hand-Out, Hands Down

Nero really had a hellish conniption fit about the loss of his initial demonic arm, the Devil Bringer as it had been ripped from him prior to the events of the game yet finds himself in better spirits as his sidekick Nico, (and personal engineer) fashions together a new and improved “Devil Breaker”

The Devil Breaker is a weaponized prosthetic arm that comes in multiple different versions or “punches” you might say

Overture: Delivers an open palm electrical burst to knock them foes on their asses
Gerbera: Lauch them shockwaves yo, and launch yourself while you’re at it in it’s recoil. Combining shockwaves produces energy beams
Ragtime: Create time-altering force fields to put your foes in slow mo
Punch Line: Rocket lauch your arm and watch it slam into your enemies. If you don’t want your arm having all the fun jump on board!
Buster Arm: Super human strength allows you to toss your foes like rag dolls
Helter Skelter: Unleash pulverizing blades from the palm of your hand
Tomboy: Empower whatever weapon is equipped to that hand specifically for buku damage!
Rawhide: Metal whip, must I say anymore!?

The Snatch ability is included with each arm as well, talk about packing a punch, GO DEVIL BREAKER!!

Meet V in V

A mysterious robed, staff and tomb wielding dude name V makes his first appearance on Devil May Cry 5 (roman numeral V) hmmm, obvious much?!

V makes for a third playable protagonist in Devil May cry 5. his actual identity is a mystery of which I intend not to disclose in this overview, consider this simply me introducing him to you.

This is V, his combat skills are about as slim as he is but compensates with his ability to summon forth familiars to do his bidding and using his cane to absorb the power of defeated demons.

V’s summoned familiars
  • Griffon: This trusty winged creature wields the power of electricity against foes and has the ability to both understand English and carry his master where he so pleases
  • Shadow: This ferocious feline naturally uses his claws and fangs for attack in addition to the not so natural use of his tail. Additionally Shadow possesses the ability to transform into a variety of different weapons! V speed increases with this familiar summoned and can saddle up for some catback riding
  • Nightmare: as sluggish as he is devastating this beast can be summoned from the skies to enter as a meteorite and just about one hit any foe with it’s laser eye or hefty fists. V can climb upon it’s back and bury his staff into the titan’s upper back for direct control

What is Devil May Cry 5 About?

A Team of Three Vs. A Demon Tree

It has been five years since the events of Devil May Cry 4.

You might say Devil May Cry has officially begun to shift it’s attention toward Nero as Dante’s “successor” with Dante at his peek ability in the demon slaying business, it’s time for a new individual to rise up in his footsteps!


Dante is the main Protagonist in the DMC series becoming well seasoned in his demon slaying career takes on Nero as a form of apprentice to take up his mantle. However his role is just as crucial in DMC 5 as it ever has been.


Nero, taking a significant appearance transformation to better resemble later to be revealed relatives. Fans like the new strapping look he has taken in this new title. He wields guns and swords in addition to a mechanical right arm previously known as the Devil Bringer but later replaced by a new one called the Devil Breaker

Nero now owns his own demon hunting agency that he works from the comforts of his …van, a personal old model van at that. On the side of this rendition of the Scooby Doo Mystery Van is mounted Nero’s “Devil May Cry” neon sign because hell, demons can’t read! This sign was gifted to him by Dante, Kyrie, and Nico.


Nico is the female engineer character in the game who crafted the Devil Breaker weaponized prosthetic arm for Nero after his previous one, the Devil Bringer was ripped clean off his stump by a dying demon who took it for himself and vanished through a portal. Poor Nero! Nico plays a pivotal role in DMC 5

During some Unfortunate encounter with a particular demon, Nero gets his Devil Bringer prosthetic arm ripped off and pursues the demon assailant to retrieve his stolen property. His pursuit leads him to Red Grave City

Meanwhile, a mysterious man named V meets with Dante at the DMC headquarters and hires not only Dante but Lady and Trish as well to take care of some demon business in the same city, Red Grave.


V is a new and mysterious playable Protagonist in DMC 5 who has a hidden identity that will require the progression of the game to reveal. He wields that of a staff and tomb to summon powerful familiars while absorbing the power of slain demons

Dante, Lady, Trish, and V cross paths with Nero and join forces on what happens to be a mutual mission, a mission to hunt down a particular demon by the name of Urizen. A demon that happens to be responsible for a glaringly obvious threat that looms above the city, a threat known as the Demon Tree!


Lady (real name Mary) Joined DMC shortly after the events of Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. Lady spends a large portion of Devil May Cry 5 as a captive but none the less important

The Demon Tree is named Qliphoth of who’s roots spread through the city and kill people consuming their blood for nutrients so as to grow strong and produce fruit that will grant the demons immense power!


Trish (AKA Gloria) plays not only a strong role in Devil May Cry 5 but in the series at large. Trish is actually a demon created by Mundus that chose to joins DMC to hunt down demons… Makes sense right? If not do your homework and play some previous installments to the series.

The first encounter with Urizen goes extremely sour as both Trish and Lady are captured, Dante is thrown not only from Qliphoth but also strait into a coma, while V and Nero make a narrow escape.

A month goes by before Dante awakens from his coma and in that time Nero manages to get equipped with a new arm named Devil Breaker in place of his formerly lost Devil Bringer designed by none other than Niko!

Dante, Nero, and V… It is up to the trio to subdue the tree! Discover who is behind it all, what part V has and who he really is, and how to vanquish the threat before it’s too late!