What is Dead or Alive 6


Genre: fighting

Platform: PlayStation 4, XBOX One, PC

Release Date: 03/01/2019

Rated M: Blood, Language, Sexual Themes, Violence

It’s the Way Anime Play

Welcome to the fast-paced one-on-one martial art anime madness of Dead or Alive 6 where fighters from around the world come together to test their metal by competing against each other in arena battles with high intensity, graphic effects, and realistic to completely super human abilities!

Anime and fighting seem to typically go hand in hand for reasons unknown, whether it’s that japanese can’t seem to get along and need an outlet for their anger or maybe they find it to be a good past time is beyond me. All I know is that if there is anime there is typically an element of combat.

Either way, there is a generous variety of viually appealing anime fighters to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that are sure to not dissappoint! There will be a total of twenty-seven fighters two of which are new and twenty five returning from previous DOA titles including those from Team Ninja and titles such as Ninja Gaiden and such

It’s Sexualized to Catch Your Eyes

As seen in previous Dead or Alive installments, characters and more specifically female ones are heavily sexualized and although that doesn’t seem to bother most participants, I will say that we were told this particular area of the game would be dialed down in 6 and although it is more mild than previous DOA’s the difference is slight. We still see the bouncing boobs with excessive cleavage and costumes exposing WAY more than they cover in addition to exaggerated features.

It’s a Reality of Brutality

slow motion has been added into the game and gruesome effects have been heavily boosted including a new feature that shows character damage progression throughout the fight session. As graphics continue to only get better you can expect an increase as well in the gory details which isn’t for the faint of stomach. there will be slicing and dicing and splatters.

It’s Something New and Exciting Coming in Blue and with Lightning

A geniou, a scientise, a mysterious blue-haired female individual new to the DOA series appears for 6 under her codename NiCO as a lightning wielding techromancer with unparralled skills in intelligence and martial arts although hired for her wits, will ultimately prove to be the greatest threat despite her innocent youthful appearance! … Which can certainly apply to many a female out there! Haha

It Has A New Break Gauge and is All the Rage

Another new feature to expect from Dead or Alive 6 is the Break Gauge! Now with every attack you land on your opponent you will gradually fill up this super meter to unleashed one of two very powerful attack. Either a concentrated Break Blow or a more versatile but milder counter attack known as the Break Hold.



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