What is Anthem?


Genre: Third Person Shooter, Action Role Playing

Platform: Playstation, XBOX, PC

Release Date: 02/22/2019

It’s A God Forsaken World

No, we are not talking about the national anthem here and no, we are not talking about your typical anthem either, we are talking about the power of creation known as the Anthem harnessed by the gods via their instruments to bring about the creation of the world from which this game takes place, massive landscapes both beautiful and treacherous to behold via awe-inspiring graphics!

Tragically, the gods were not finished with their work before they had decided to abandon it along with the instruments used to bring it into existence. It was all left to the beasts, the vile creatures, and the remnants of mankind who inhabit it .

With the Anthem unleashed and unbridled, endless catastrophic devastation and transformation began to frequently re-shape the world at large with no hope of gaining control of that which was intended strictly for the power of gods. Any attempt of such a feat would only lead to the corruption of its bearer. These transformations periodically come in the form of enormous natural disasters during game-play that consequently shift the landscape of the world.

The battle of the instruments and the power of the Anthem has begun

It’s Whatever Exo-Suits You

A midst this beautiful and treacherous world reside a civilization of mankind at a place known as Fort Tarsis built to keep the threats of the surrounding wilds at bay, providing a fortified shelter for the substantial populace. Fort Tarsis serves as a form of HUB in the game and is the locale for the collecting of quests, assignments, and interactions of NPC’s.

Fort Tarsis is also home to the freelancers, a group of individuals/players who don exosuits called javelins granting super human strengths and abilities fit for exploring the outside world. We have seen exosuits come into play many of times in the gaming industry through a multitude of different titles, most notably Crysis, Call of Duty, and Metroid along with its similar form of advanced combat tech known as battle mechs seen in titles such as Titan fall, Mechwarrior, and Hawken. Now take both of these ideas and combine them into one and you’ll get Anthem. Immensely powerful exosuits designed to survive immense danger! javelins are completely customizable via the forge in Fort Tarsis and each type of exo suit comes with its own variety of customization options.

What is a Ranger Javelin?

Ranger Javelin
Ranger Javelin

It’s your all around dude, well-rounded and well-balanced you’ll find that the Ranger is a form of jack-of-all-trades on the battlefield and yes (a master of none.) but for those who are looking for excellent firepower, moderate defense, along with versatility look no further. The Ranger is your suit yo!


  • Grenades
  • Assault
  • Support


  • Frag Grenade – Your typical frag grenade blast
  • Inferno Grenade – DOT Grenade similar to a Molotov but worse… way worse!
  • Frost Grenade – Specially crafted by Elsa, freeze them enemies solid
  • Seeker Grenades – A best friend to those who are aim challenge, these suckers split up and seek your foes
  • Sticky Grenades – This one speaks for itself entirely … its gone stick… its gone hurt!


  • Seeking Missile – AKA guided missiles y’all!
  • Pulse Blast – Very large energy beam dissipation immenant
  • Spark Beam – Think beam of fire, its going to burn even after contact… DOT all the way
  • Venom Darts – Like to see your enemy in corrosive agony, make them your new dart board
  • Blast Missile – ain’t nothing like a mini nuke by your side


  • Bulwark Point – Ever here the phrase “stay out of my bubble? Same thing for you and your squad
  • Muster Point – Not only a shield but also provide a damage boost to those within

What is Colossus Javelin?

Colossus Javelin
Colossus Javelin

It’s Your loud and proud behemoth, Largest and most ferocious of the javelins comes the Colossus. Exclusively able to wield heavy weapons unlike the others, what you lack in speed and mobility you heavily compensate for in destructive power! If you like the tanking role, leading your squad into the heat of battle and taking your enemies attention while absorbing the damage than the Colossus is the perfect fit for you.


  • Assault
  • Heavy Assault
  • Support


  • High Explosive Mortar– Drop them like their hot and deal immense concentrated damage
  • Burst Mortar – Drop more of them like their hotter to cover more ground with more of an AOE approach
  • Firewall Mortar – Let there be fire, and there was fire! Huge wall of it actually igniting huge areas at a time
  • Lightning Coil – How about an arc of electricity bursting from you and zapping random foes… sounds fun!
  • Shock Coil – more like shock pulse, make electricity waves flow out from you

Heavy Assault

  • Siege Artillery – Boom-botta-bang send forth them rockets (yes, a rocket launcher)
  • Flame Thrower – Bring hell to earth as you ignite the world with a continuous stream of fire
  • Flak Cannon – Think shotgun on drugs! Spray them projectiles at semi-close range
  • Railgun – A kinetic projectile of astronomical damage potential
  • Venom Spitter – Let it rain acid and watch your enemies melt before your very eyes muahaha!


  • Battle Cry – Pull enemies gaze to you and off your allies while weakening them at the same time
  • Shield pulse – Empower your team and yourself with damage resistance

What is Interceptor Javelin?

Interceptor Javelin
Interceptor Javelin

It’s Anthems most agile javelin available by far. If you are the type of player that loves rapid maneuverability and lightning fast attack rate at a respectable cost of defense than look no further than the Interceptor! The Interceptor is all about getting in and getting out all the while inflicting a good sum of damage before your rivals even see it coming. This javelin can quite literally be translated as “The Ninja!”


  • Assault System
  • Strike System
  • Support System

Assault System

  • Searching Glaive – Pitch out a Glaive with homing capabilities
  • Venom Bomb – Cover hoards with toxic acid and watch them corrode muahaha
  • Cryo Glaive – with homing capabilities, lock onto up to two targets and freeze them solid
  • Cluster Mine – Cover a large area with small concentrated mines
  • Spark Dash – Embrace the need for speed with this electrical warp ability that leaves those in your path shocked!

Strike System

  • Detonating Strike – fists of lightning that detonate enemies on contact creating an AOE damage effect
  • Plasma Star – chuck a shuriken infused with plasma from a considerable distance at a single target
  • Wraith Strike – summon a duplicate projection of yourself to do some of the dirty work
  • Tempest Strike – Deliver devastating damage at significant force with this melee attack
  • Venom Spray – Like the Colossus, acid is at your disposal to rain down upon your enemies

Support System

  • Target Beacon – Mark your target to increase the subject’s vulnerability of incoming attacks
  • Rally Cry – Verbally rebuke all debilitating status effects afflicting yourself and your team

What is Storm Javelin?

Storm Javelin
Storm Javelin

In relation to your typical RPG, It’s the Javelin that can be best identified as the mage class dealing devastating elemental power via the manipulation of the Anthems energy with its unique seals upon its right arm. As your typical mage, the Storm takes a huge cut in armor rating in exchange for the immense power that it wields and with its ranged attacks you generally be able to keep yourself at a distance from the heat, especially with a Colossus at your side! If you’re looking for the mage type or prefer magic/power over guns and fists, go storm!


  • Blast Seal
  • Focus Seal
  • Support Seal

Blast Seals

  • Lightning Strike – AOE lightning bolt that strikes the ground
  • Ice Storm – Create various areas of explosive ice to freeze your opposition
  • Flame Burst – Make the ground go boom with a fiery explosion and considerable radius
  • Ice Blast – Chuck ice projectiles with great force to freeze and waylay your enemies
  • Living Flame – Make that fire dance! With this ability send out a flame with a mind of its own intent on igniting your foes

Focus Seals

  • Frost Shards – Think Gatling gun but with ice bullets, bullets with the power to freeze wherever it hits home
  • Burning Orb – Either throw these fireballs rapidly or charge one up if size really matters
  • Shock Burst – Bouncy electric balls of storm. Throw them at enemies, throw them for fun!
  • Glacial Spear – Shoot a beam, a cold icy stream, freeze your enemies to be shattered by your team!
  • Arc Burst – This bolt of lightning has the ability to chain from one enemy to the next

Support Seals

  • Wind Wall – A protective wall of wind
  • Quickening Field – Allows all within its parameters to reduce their ability cool down rate

What is EA’s Destiny

It’s Destiny! After reviewing the four classes of Anthem’s exosuits I’m sure it is not only I who realized a resemblance to another popular title… Let’s see, Colossus and Titan, Interceptor and Hunter, Storm and Warlock, Fort Tarsis and Tower… yeah, it would be safe to say that this game was at least in part inspired by that of Destiny! However, we can certainly expect to see a huge leap in graphics, entirely different landscapes and enemies, along with heavily increased action, suspense, plot, and scale.

What is Anthem’s Online Co-Op

It’s a must! In Anthem the world is unforgiving and one wrong move could very well spell death especially with such massive and brutal enemies encountered in the darkest reaches.

Do not fret though Anthem has been specifically designed to support co-op play, more specifically 3 player co-op where you and your team can utilize your variations of techniques to compliment each other in combat and win the day! Whether its your tight homies you intend to recruit or simply matchmaking a team, you will always be accompanied by two companions!

PVP is currently not an available form of online game play yet but something tells me with how much it has already been requested that we could very well see it coming soon either in an update patch or via DLC!


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