Sisters Royale

Genre: Action, Arcade
Platform: PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch
Price: $13.99
Release Date: January 30th 2020
Rated E: Fantasy Violence
Players: Single Player
Publisher: Chorus Worldwide Games
Game Content: Competitive online score rankings, Overhead vertical scrolling shooter game.

About: Utilize the unique skills each sister possesses as all five of them compete for the hand of the angel Yashin in marriage. much like the arcade game Asteroid from so very long ago and so many other titles with the same mechanics, you will maneuver you character from the bottom of the screen while laying waste to approaching obstacles and enemies that trickle in from above all the while collecting power ups to increase and upgrade you arsenal and abilities. In Sister’s Royale there will be a TBS (Also known as Tension Meter) that acts as a multiplier for your coins collected and gives ability boosts rewarding you for strategic

Available for Pre-Order/Order starting Jan 19th

Available for Pre-Order/Order Now!


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