Moons of Madness

Genre: sci-fi adventure survival Horror
Platform: PlayStation 4 / XBOX /
Price: $24.99
Release Date: January 21st 2020
Rated M: Blood, Strong Language, Violence
Players: Single Player
Publisher: Funcom
Game Content: previously released for PC Oct 22 2019, Mars and Mars base setting, single player first person exploration psychological horror thriller mystery

About: imagine you are an individual by the name of Shane Newehart and shortly following the scientific discovery of intelligent origin on Mars which you are not made aware of you, a technician stationed at a research outpost on the distant planet have been requested to hold down the fort until a transport vessel by the name of Cyrano arrives to relieve you of your duties and and take matters into their own hands to protects the confidential nature of the matter. Unfortunately before their arrival, things begin to slip into disarray with one strange occurrence after another, gradually revealing links to the recent discovery made and the horrors in store for an isolated individual millions of miles from earth! The more you try to grasp the situation, the more you sanity seems to slip away leaving you to wonder what is real and what is not or if any of it is at all!

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