Top 10 Anticipated Video Games of 2019!

With one month behind us in this new year, we still have eleven more months ahead of us and plenty of exciting new video game titles to boot for 2019,! Here at VGG I have presented you with a list of the top 10 most anticipated titles expected to be released this year!

1. Dreams

Release Date: This year

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Creative, Sandbox

Dreams has been anticipated now for nearly two years and still retains the audiences interests to this day with a release date set for this year. However, no specifics have been given yet regarding the exact date.

Developed by Media Molecule, the same people who brought you the Little Big Planet series and Tear away. Dreams is going to bring it all together to be the greatest “Play, Create, Share” sandbox game ever seen in the gaming industry with online and co-operative play made available to its audience!

In previous installments we have seen individual aspects of the Play, Create, Share slogan presented in their own designated mode more specifically with Little Big Planet while with Dreams, the goal in its entirety is to seamlessly blend them together as a unified experience allowing the player to determine the outcome of the game through user generated content as opposed to the developers in accordance to the statement made by technical director, Alex Evans who claimed that Dreams is intended to be defined by the player.

With an impressionist art style illustrating the game’s visuals paired with endless levels to create and manipulate (referred to as dreams), characters to modify and control, and a campaign mission to enjoy. Dreams is sure to provide an overwhelming sense of endless opportunity with the potential to rack up countless hours of creative fun.

Looks like this year there will be a lot that can happen only in your “Dreams!!

2. Far Cry: New Dawn

Release Date: February 15 2019,

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One

Genre: Action Adventure, First Person Shooter, Sandbox

Far Cry is one of those series that seem to never die… even when it feels like it should. Personally, after their third installment, every release thereafter only seemed to loom in its shadow as it remains my favorite to date with five as a close second. Four seemed to have promise but lack terribly in its plot while Primal was just …. boring and dry.

However, Ubisoft holds strong! Far Cry 5 was an awesome game aside from the obvious fact that they were treading lightly on offensive content making it seem a little restrained and the fact that the cult’s illegal activities were not met with the logical appropriate legal force took from its sense of realism.

Apparently 5 did well enough though not only to continue the far cry franchise but also to make an actual sequel to the fifth installment which is a first for Ubisoft as this series in particular consist of strictly standalone titles without sequels or prequels.

Far Cry: New Dawn is a post apocalypse game that takes place seventeen years after the nuclear war (the collapse) of Far Cry 5 and is located in the same Hope County, Montana where Far Cry 5’s events had taken place.

A lot of aspects to the Far Cry series make their re-appearance yet again in New Dawn (as expected) such as outposts, vehicles, weapons, guns for hire, and fangs for hire just with a new skin. Outposts now can be approached with two options whether you would like to raid it and leave it open for escalation or occupy it for fuel. Crafting will also be incorporated for weapons and vehicles similar to what we saw in Primal.

to my knowledge they will be leaving the towers out of the equation for opening the map which is both bitter and sweet in my opinion as it has always been Ubisoft’s signature game objective although a tad bit monotonous.

The main threat for New Dawn is not going to be cult leaders this time (thank goodness!) As much as I enjoyed that approach last time, I don’t think I can take another warped sermon from a coo coo fanatic haha! This time there will be two twin sisters, Mickey and Lou leading a gang of highwaymen who prey on the weak during the struggle to survive an apocalyptic era. The fates of the deputy (main character of Far Cry 5) and Joseph seed (main enemy in Far Cry 5) will also be revealed in this sequel which is worth buying the game in itself in my opinion and honestly, I’ve lived in Montana myself and returning to this new version of Hope County fills me with anticipation… let’s just hope we’re not in for another Primal… Here’s to Hope!

Order your copy today!

3. The Division 2

Release Date: March 15 2019,

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One

Genre: Action Role Playing, Survival, Third Person Shooter

It has been a long awaited sequel for sure since the initial release of the first Division back in early 2016, but from what I can gather, well worth the wait!

First off, a large portion of anticipation banks heavily on the (hopefully) WAY smoother functionality of this new release, especially in the online queuing realm of things and end game as the first release seemed like an onslaught of bugs more specifically in the online functionality. So hopefully Ubisoft gets it right this time round. If nothing else, the graphics look stunning!

Events of The Division 2 are set 7 months after those of the previous installment and promises to bring all the first person shooter thrills, drills, and kills as before along with loads of post game content including class specific skill trees after level cap and tons of missions. New features will also be presented, most notably eight player raids, and its location being Washington DC along with better customizable gear and weapons.

Regardless of the issues that ensued with its predecessor the game was still an awesome experience and with the understanding that such problems should not be present in this new release, I’m lit up about this upcoming sequel!

Pre-order your copy today!

4. Anthem

Release Date: February 22, 2019,

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One

Genre: Action Role Playing, Third Person Shooter

From the developers of Mass Effect comes what looks a tad bit similar, Anthem! A re-visit to humans engaging in exosuit warfare as is seen many times before, yet surprisingly new and exhilarating in this new anticipated title!

Anthem is a solid third person shooter game with cutting edge graphic performance and high action role-play design. Choose from a variety of four different exosuits called javelins designed in their own unique way to serve as a form of class options for particular play styles. Ranger with versatility, precision and damage, Colossus, as your heavy gunner tank, interceptor as the agile ninja style, or storm with lightning distance devastation! Upgrade your suit to unleash its full potent power

Anthem shows immense promise in its intensity in both its visually stunning godforsaken yet beautiful worlds said to be ever evolving along with its combat as player’s will be thrown into a treacherous unforgiving world full of massive, larger than life beasts and villains all for the sake of harnessing the power of the gods.

Don’t be too intimidated though co-operative play has been made available to up to three player’s so grab a couple gaming buddies and buckle up for an edge of your seat adventure!

Pre-order your copy today!

5. Gears 5

Release Date: This year

Platform: PC, XBOX One

Genre: Action Adventure, Third Person Shooter

For all you Gears fans, this year is finally the anticipated time to put another cog into the series and gears 5 is about to put the action into 5th gear!

First off, I love the way the developers picked up on the popular slang reference to Gears of War as simply Gears for the sake of the simplicity and the fact that it has been most commonly called such by their fan base.

We’re coming up on three years since the fourth installment to the series and things are looking better than ever before with high action intensity, excellent picture, and gripping plot line that will keep you locked and loaded and begging for some answers! Players will take on the role of Kait Diaz (as you might remember from Gears 4 when your mission revolved around the search and rescue of her mother). Kait is an outsider of locust descent, your task in this new mission will be to journey across the vast world of Sera in search of the origins of the locust while defending that which remains! this world has promise of being the largest and most visually awe inspiring in the series with glaciers, deserts, sunken ruins and much more.

Gears 5 is the direct sequel to Gears of War 4 and familiar faces will make an appearance in this new title such as JD Fenix and his pal Delmont Walker. Another awesome and consistent aspect to the Gears series we can expect to see with this new release is the option for online or split-screen co-op play which I absolutely live for!

6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release Date: March 22 2019,

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One,

Genre: Action Adventure

There is no doubt that a Masterpiece is in the making when you see both From Software (creators of the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls Series followed by Bloodborne) and Activision (huge video game publisher most popularly known for the Call of Duty series and owner of Blizzard) come together to make Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice!

If you like to play as a stealth, ninja, killer acrobatics with ingenious executions than Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is going to be your game of the year.

Don’t get it twisted though this isn’t going to be another grueling Souls game and will not even take on its RPG play style. No, this is going to be a game of its own. Set in 16th century sengoku period with a fictional twist, you play as a one armed shinobi who’s been renamed Sekiro meaning “the one armed wold” by a mysterious dude known as a busshi who also gave to you a recreated arm. This arm I suppose could be called… Prosthetic although much more crude than that of your typical prosthetic arm yet much more useful as well as it can be equipped with an array of different gadgets and such for the sake of some pretty crazy combat techniques.

A Katana will be your weapon of choice throughout the game and your entire mission is going to be driven by vengeance and the desire to avenge the Ashina Clan who are responsible for taking your arm, leaving you for dead, and killing your lord!

Pre-order your copy today!

7. Jump Force

Release Date: February 15 2019,

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One

Genre: Fighting

This the type of game that make them nerds go crazy! (yes, that is a rip off of Tech Nines song “Hood go Crazy) Welcome to Jump Force where they have taken all the famous and dearly loved (especially by nerds) Manga characters from popular Manga TV series like Bleach, Dragon Ballz, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh! and many more for a total of 42 Characters in all!

Guys, we are looking at a full-blown Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gone Manga wild here and to top it all off its going to be beautifully created in the most 3D polished presentation these series have ever been illustrated in to date!

I’m telling you right now if you want to get dug in on thee most epic Manga/Anime crossover combat showdown than Jump Force is for you!

Order your copy today!

8. Yoshi’s Crafted World

Release Date: March 23 2019,

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: Side Scrolling, Platformer

Yoshi is about to get all sorts of crafty in this upcoming release where Yoshi, or Yoshis (plural) live in Yoshi world (creative much) made up of crafted handiwork for a creative approach to the soon to be 8th installment of Yoshi games!

The game’s plot is yet another fetch quest go round where a fabled artifact with the ability to grant its bearer their wildest dreams vanishes thanks to Bowser Jr. And Kamek who sent the gems inside the artifact sailing to the vast reaches of the world leaving the beloved Yoshis the responsibility of retrieving them.

Yoshi’s Crafted World is a 2.5D side scrolling adventure that can be played both forward and backward and also flip from one side to another with the stomp of your Yoshi. These four aspects to the game grants incredible variety and perspective and will make finding all hidden items quite the challenge.

Additionally, Yoshi’s Crafted World will support two player co-op so you can team up with a friend, grab your yoshi of choice and face the artsy crafty world together!

Pre-order your copy today!

9. Doom Eternal

Release Date: This year

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch

Genre: First Person Shooter

After the successful resurrection of the Doom series back in 2016 and considering how well it did, it comes as no surprise to see a sequel on its way to raise a little more hell for their hell-bent followers! I personally saw this coming way sooner than 2019, but hell, what do I know?!

In this new installment, You will (as always) play the role of the Doom Slayer battling off an onslaught of demons (as usual) but this time, a considerably larger variety including ones revisiting from older titles! the game will be developed by the same directors as the last so you can expect an experience just as good if not better. One thing is certain, the graphics will be literally 10 times that of the 2016 version as a new form of technology referred to as id tech 7 will be utilized in its development giving it the honor of being the first game developed with this new tech. Basically, those with a weak stomach are doomed haha!

Doom takes place on earth this go around providing a larger world with more variations in scenery. This is an awesome new approach to the series in my opinion as I believe it will provide a more dire need and sense of urgency or purpose to the player’s mission. Also its about time we get literal with the commonly used hyperbole “hell on earth.! some past weapons will be at your disposal and given an overhaul while a large selection of new ones will be introduced as well, including but not limited to my most anticipated melee weapon, the retractable arm blade! This blade is about the size of a short sword and can be engaged out of the left arm providing a slew of exclusive and exceptionally violent glory kills! Yes, glory kills will be coming back too… gotta love it!

In the realm of online play, multiplayer is being kept in house instead of outsourced this time and will be implemented into the actual campaign in the same manner as you might say the Souls series incorporated it. In Doom, you can allow for invasions of other players allowing them to access your game in the form of a demon of their choice or visa-versa where you can invade someone else’s game in the same manner.

Pre-order your copy today!

10. Rage 2

Release: May 14 2019,

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One

Genre: First Person Shooter

What’s all the Rage about Rage yo!? Well, everything to be precise! nearly a decade ago we were graced with the first Rage and let me tell you, it is about time to see a sequel to the apocalyptic mayhem!

return to the post apocalypse wasteland known as the sad remains of earth infested with psychopaths and mutants residing in treacherous elements as the last ranger, Walker. You will be hunted, you will be confronted, and if you lack the required savagery to survive the merciless opposition you will be gutted! The freakish inhabitants who have (over the last thirty years since the games predecessor) established their own forms of civilization and ruler ship now are looking to you for your nano tech which comes as a precious possession in these dire times as any form of power proves a priceless asset to taking over what’s left of the world.

Nanotrite is back as you might remember from the first Rage game and its uses are once again vital to survival! Use Nanotrite to engage the awesome ability of overdrive where you replenish health, increase, accuracy and damage along with causing your enemies to drop bonus energy keeping you alive longer and able to demolish your adversaries by the dozens. Nanotrite is also useful for granting special powers to Walker and pushing weapons beyond their mechanical capabilities

vehicles are going to be incorporated as well just as in the first one bringing in a variety of gyro copters, trucks, and buggies so buckle up for races, vehicular combat and efficient traversing of the wasteland

Rage is an awesome game full of brutal violence, grim humor, ferocious creatures, psychos, and utter mayhem… much like Borderlands just … more realistic! If you enjoyed the first one as much as I did than we can both rest assured that this one will bring us all we liked about the first one and then (a whole lot of) some. Should have been called Rage’n steroids instead of something as simple as Rage 2! (just my opinion)

Pre-order your copy today!






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