Super Mario Odyssey Download

Looking to Download Super Mario Odyssey? Good news, in this day and age you no longer need to own a physical copy of the game… or any game for that matter. Just purchase the digital copy online and vwalah! Game is yours! Just need a reliable internet connection, a My Nintendo account, and a Nintendo Switch! Here’s how it’s done!

1. Purchase Digital Code

With this particular title you might have already noticed that Nintendo does not offer a digital purchase option so feel free to select any of your favorite retailers listed below, the first thing you will want to do is purchase your digital code to redeem through My Nintendo, granting you access to download it onto your Nintendo Switch!

Standard Price: $59.99 for all retailers

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]
Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch [Digital]
Super Mario Odyssey, Digital Goods & Currency
Super Mario Odyssey (Email Delivery)

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch (Digital)

2. Enter digital code on Nintendo eShop

-Via your Nintendo Switch, on the home menu select the Nintendo eShop

-Select your account when prompted

-On the left side of the screen go to “Enter Code” and enter the 16 digit download code that was provided to you in the receipt of your digital purchase!

Hope this was helpful! Any further questions be sure to leave them below!


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