New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Coming to a Switch Near You!!

What better way to start out the new year than with the upcoming Super Mario U Deluxe that is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch

January 11 2019!

I’ve personally got this title pre-ordered and I’m anticipating yet another amazing Mario Bros. platformer experience originating from the classic 8-bit adventures of the NES, evolved into a beautiful polished masterpiece made possible through Nintendo’s cutting edge technological advancements delivered through their most impressive console to date, the Nintendo Switch!

Get ready for Mario platformer adventure, Pre Order this title Today!

Retail Edition

Two Games in One

Although New Super Mario Bros U was released originally for the Wii U back in 2012 followed by the New Super Luigi U as downloadable content was later released in 2013, the re-release of the base game and its downloadable content has been merged into one single title and is now referred to as the Deluxe and presents enhanced graphics and quite literally two games in one for double the fun!!

What’s New with the New?

Yes, the DELUXE release of this game offers the full base game and all downloadable content from the initial Wii U release and has been ported over to the Switch which in turn, has given it a nice boost in graphic quality but that is far from all the NEW features this game has to offer!

  • Unlike the original release where player one was (by default) required to play as Mario, in the up coming deluxe edition you can now play as any character even in single player mode including both Luigi and Nabbit complete with all their special abilities from New Super Luigi U DLC!
  • In turn, Mario is now a playable character option in Super Luigi U as well
  • Toadette is a new addition to the game as she will make her appearance exclusively with the Deluxe edition although it seems she is more of a replacement rather than an “addition” as the blue Toad has gone MIA as a result! Players shouldn’t be too bummed out about this though as Toadette has way more promise than the rather boring alternative (no offense there Toad)
  • In addition to Toadette’s welcomed appearance in this Wii U port, she also comes with an exceptionally handy (yet exclusive) item known as the Super Crown! The Super Crown can only be used by Toadette and has the ability to transform the mushroom into a form of Princess similar to Peach called Peachette. This concept and new form of Toadette has never been presented until now and has become an anticipated form of game play for anxious fans. Peachette will have the most advantageous ability set in the game, a couple of which are floating and double jumping infinitely.
  • New Super Luigi U will have double the grace on the time restraints as the timer will now begin at 200 seconds as apposed to 100.
  • Although Nabbit suffers from not being able to ride a Yoshi, he can now at least pounce on them haha
  • Nintendo also kept the kids and rookies in mind as well by incorporating hints and characters that are considerably more user-friendly such as Nabbit being rated easy and Toadette as very easy
  • buttons can be assigned according to player preference

About Super Mario U

in the New Super Mario U Bowser mixes it up a bit and instead of his typical kidnapping approach of the helpless Princess Peach he goes big and decides to claim the throne of the Mushroom Kingdom, hold Peachy-Poo captive, and throw Mario and his gang to a distant land presenting a whole new progression approach where Mario will have to work his way to home rather than the whole venture to Bowser’s realm routine like in previous installments. As you venture through the game you will have to face all of Bowser’s koopalings including Bowser Jr. Boom Boom, Boss Sumo Bro, and Kamek before facing off the King of the Koopas himself.

New Super Mario U Deluxe will make a great game for the whole family and kids of all ages as there are player friendly difficulty options and the ability for four players to team up and participate in the journey simultaneously. There will also be hours upon hours of entertainment available within this one title as there is the base game itself paired with the DLC game (New Super Luigi U.) Multiple play modes are also included as well which include a variety of different challenges, boost rush, and coin battle.

Welcome to the Team!

Meet the playable characters for the New Super Mario U Deluxe! Luigi, Nabbit (easy), Toad, Toadette (very easy), and Mario

Introducing PEACHETTE!

Nintendo presents to us a brand new type of Peach, her name is Peachette! Not the princess but still wearing the crown, hmmm?!… in fact it’s a crown that initiates the transformation of Toadette into this new form! I can’t imagine Peach would approve of this and probably wouldn’t be the least bit pleased with this type of identity theft or having some clone running around potentially ruining her royal reputation for that matter but sure enough, Nintendo disregarded the princess’ concerns and created the Super Crown! The Super crown is an exclusive item in that only Toadette can utilize it whereas with all the other characters who make contact with it will be offered no effect whatsoever. Powering up your Toadette isn’t just for aesthetics tho, Peachette offers the player a variety of increasingly powerful abilities to the extent that you might just feel like you’re cheating when in this form!

Hope you found this insightful and that you share the same anticipation I do for this up coming title! if you have any questions be sure to leave them below and I’d be glad to help!



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