It’s Rage 2 and it’s All the Rage too!

It’s you against the world! The odds are against you but your abilities aren’t! Get ready for open world exploration in this post apocalypse wasteland engaging in insane combat mayhem as we journey into the next chapter of the Rage franchise this…

MAY 14TH 2019!

Tread Light yo, or You Might Go… Psycho!

Raging psycho goons, raging mutants, raging invisible samurai swardsmen, raging self-claimed rulers, raging mechs, raging psychos in raging vehicles with raging guns!!

Time to rage back at the raging enemies in a raging frenzy! small guns, bigger guns, big-ass guns, explosives, explosive environmental hazards, vehicular combat via heavily equipped buggies, trucks, and gyro-copters, nanotrite overload for temporary super-human abilities, and all out madness! Go psycho on them psychos!

Your Own Kind of Order!

Take on the role of the lone ranger as you traverse a lawless world of waste and decay collecting a large variety of equipment to better suite yourself for the harsh climate and hostile populace. All the while seeking nanotrites for character progression and access to specific abilities. Nanotrites (nano technology) is a form of small micro-bots that can be injected into ones body to grant super human abilities, in this case it grants super strength to your firepower, speed, energy drops, and health regeneration.

As it so happens a powerful entity and military force known as the Authority are seeking ruler-ship and intend on using nano-technology in their pursuits, this in turn makes you a prime target as you take this precious possession for yourself! This means war!

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

Pre-Order Your Copy of Rage 2!

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The Official Website of RAGE 2- Insanity is awaiting! Pre-order RAGE 2 today for exclusive in-game content. Watch new trailers, gameplay footage, and sign-up to stay updated on the latest RAGE 2 news.


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