Get U Some Double Points when Pre-Purchasing the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Nintendo has announced on 12/20/18 that by pre-purchasing the New Super Mario U Deluxe via Nintendo online you will receive double gold points for your purchase! If you already have full intention of purchasing this title anyway it only makes perfect sense to cash in on the Gold!

Have you been TOLD about the GOLD?!

Gold is an online reward currency for purchases made on or Nintendo eShop offering a total of 5% your total expense. When purchasing a 60 dollar game you will receive 300 gold points, each gold point is worth 1% our currency making your total earnings 3 dollars in Nintendo gold points.

If you pre-purchase the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe through or Nintendo eShop you will be granted the double points bonus which would than amount to 600 gold points for the 60 dollar game or more specifically 10% the total price (6 dollars) in Nintendo currency.

If this deal looks as enticing to you as it does myself than you can go strait to Nintendo eShop and earn yourself some double gold!

For more details, go to our New Super Mario U Deluxe post!


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