Firmware Update for Nintendo Switch Came with a Boost!

Typically when you receive a system update, very minuscule changes actually take place on the system, sometimes it’s not even noticeable.

Other times there is a drastic change that gives your system a total overhaul. Nintendo went pretty big on this last update and even packed it with a surprise punch

As reported by Nintendo, the recent firmware update 8.0.0 has optimized the operating system for the Switch significantly as we see Software sorting options, Save data transfer between two Switch consoles become available, on-screen zooming capabilities, new regions available for selection, sleep mode restriction options, and VR parental control options as well.

Some Bells and whistles that has come with the update can be found in the 15 new Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s World user icons, more ease of use in viewing Nintendo news, along with an update for the Joy-Con controllers.

Last but not least is the kicker! Unannounced by Nintendo yet brought to light by GearNuke, is the update that has apparently made the CPU operate 3/4 faster than before where it was initially running at 1GHz pre update to now a 1.75 GHz post update.

With this new update installed, a select variety of Nintendo Games will follow up with their own individual updates allowing them to better utilize the Switch’s new boost in performance by decreasing load times.

New Update, version: 8.0.1 has also been made available just recently on April 23rd.

If your Nintendo Switch has not downloaded these updates automatically as is usually the default (assuming you are connected to the internet of course) you can do it manually by going to System Settings Menu > System > System Update


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