Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild



Sex: Male

Age: Unknown (100+)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Race: Elf

Build: Lean

Height: Approximately 4’10”

Weight: About 85 lbs

Origin: Hyrule

Items of Choice

Link is still a die hard for his signature items, the Mater Sword and the Hylian Shield. His new (Breath of the Wild exclusive) gadget, the Sheikah Slate, has become a new fav of his as well.



The elf warrior dude and main protagonist of the Zelda series revisits his heroic role in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the savior of Hyrule and the hero of the beloved Princess Zelda as he occupies his typical overwhelming agenda to vanquish his arch nemesis, Ganon. This time however, Link is a tad bit different… meaning a whole lot of different! We’ll start with the most obvious one of them all, his new cool ass duds!

Champion's Tunic

Our View on the New Blue??

Nintendo apparently got a wild hair to “do the new” with their latest Zelda release and they flat out ran with it! All other aspects of Breath of the Wild aside, Link’s new blue shirt called the Champion’s Tunic was quite the jaw dropper for Zelda fans who have become so accustomed to and fond of the traditional green elvish garbs. Nevertheless, this new attire has actually been warmly welcomed as a refreshing presentation of our hero as is with BOTW as a whole.

It is worth noting however, that we have actually seen a previous Link don an outfit similar to BOTW. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Outset Link, the young villager boy from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker before he acquires the green hero clothes from his granny for his birthday… adorable! It would not be far fetched to believe this to be some level of inspiration in the development of BOTW, especially considering they made this get-up and free flowing hair-do Link’s default attire on your second play-through in Windwaker.

Speaking of free flowing hair-do, where is your signature elf cap Link? We know them females (including your fan-base) rave about how cute your “new do” is… like “OMG he’s soooo cute with his blonde wind swept locks, fox tail side burnes, and wee lil pony tail!” Just NO! you gotta bring that hat back like a boom boom – boom boom! The only tell-tale elfish feature this guy’s got left is them pointy ears.

Despite the disappointment in the absence of the beloved pointy hat, credit is due for the substitute head wear known as the Hylian Hood, mysteriously fashionable and complete with a short cape. Just don’t dye the thing red for goodness sake… unless you wanna look like Red Riding Link

Armor of the Wild

If you share the same feelings on Link’s new get-up, where you’re torn between enjoying the fresh new look vs. missing the traditional green elf outfit or simply ain’t down with the new apparel at all, it should be of good report knowing that even Nintendo couldn’t fully neglect the elf’s famous duds and chose to allow the classic outfit from the original Legend of Zelda to be accessible by the name of the Armor of the Wild via the completion of all 120 shrines… you can have it, you just gone have to put in some serious work for it!

Champion Tunic + Armor of the Wild

As for color, I personally like blue more than green. Aside from the sentimental attachment to tradition, I can safely say I vouch for the new Champions Tunic, but ONLY… oooooonly if you grab that classic elf Cap from the Armor of the Wild set, dye that sucker light blue and pair it with white dyed Hylian Trousers available for purchase in the early hours of the game and vwa-lah that’s what I’d call a “new and Improved Link”

Regardless, BOTW has a vast wardrobe in store for Link and the actual “game-play time” spent wearing the Champions Tunic specifically and whatever it is you coordinate with it will only occupy a small portion of your time in Hyrule. However, you will either learn to love it or tolerate it because Nintendo has commited!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel is already in development and guess who still styling the new blue? You got it, Link!?… Oh yeah, and guess who got a new haircut :O Check it out!!

How do you feel about the new aesthetics of our hero and princess and what would you do different if anything? comment below!


Link’s countenance and behavior remains pretty much on par with the previous Links before him being of very few words (or no words rather) just grunts of exertion, hollers of aggression, cries of exasperation, and panting of exhaustion. Facial features and physical gestures are actually quite animated, comical, and on point with the element he is in or action he is undertaking. Link, (as a rule) is the bearer of the Tri-force of Courage and the hero to Princess Zelda who is the bearer of the Tri-Force of Wisdom and incarnation of the goddess Hylia! In this rendition of The Legend of Zelda, Dialoge between the princess and Link including Link’s reminiscing over some forgotten memories reveal a few vague hints into Link’s past. Link’s father was a knight in the Royal Guard of who’s steps he followed in diligently. His fervent commitment to the sword earned him the position of Zelda’s appointed knight. During his service to the Princess, Link discovered a supernatural power hidden within himself granting him the ability to move at a speed so fast that time itself seems to nearly stand still! Zelda finds it concerning that her linky-poo seems so closed off and reserved as a result of his dedication to his position, questioning if Link’s path in life was by choice or pressure and if the latter, would he had chosen differently outside the influence. Unfortunately, Link winds up gravely wounded in his final attempt of protecting the Princess against Calamity Ganon’s onslaught and is carried away to the Shrine of Resurrection to slowly recover in a stasis like state only to awaken 100 years later with a severe case of amnesia. Yes, Link starts his journey in BOTW with absolutely no memory of who he is.

Does Link Love Zelda!?

There is plenty of gamers out there who can appreciate a little romance woven in the plot of their video game, this is especially true in games where you assume the role of a hero on a mission to rescue a princess (AKA damsel in distress) example: Link and Zelda or Mario and Princess Peach. For some gamer’s, it’s the only form of relationship they dare partake in, for others it infuses the plot with extra emotional purpose, and then there are those who literally skip every cut scene and dialogue to the extent that they don’t even know what’s going on in the game other than kicking ass and taking names… if that!

Link and Zelda’s relationship has always been an underlying element in the Zelda series, at times implying nothing more significant than a friendship, or camaraderie while other times showing something a little more deep. However, this differs between titles and turning our focus on BOTW we can definitely see a lot more intricacies and intimacies to the relationship than most previous subtleties shown in it’s predecessors.

First off, Zelda loves Link, this has been exposed through a series of instances and clues throughout the game.

However, Link’s love for Zelda is far more subtle and arguably non-existent due to his lack of words and task oriented mind which consequently prevents him from expressing any sort of emotion. Although emotionless, this is what we can deduce from Link’s side of the potential romance:

  • Despite a complete loss of memory, Zelda’s voice and photo’s taken during his time as her appointed knight are the one thing he recognizes and is the one thing capable of jogging his memory. This certainly shows us that Zelda held a high level of significance in Link’s mind
  • Link’s extensive time spent with the princess both on and off duty. For instance, accompanying Zelda at her private study in Hyrule Castle and partaking in a pleasant outing to Hyrule Field observing both frogs and Silent Princess flowers together can certainly be portrayed as a mutual desire and enjoyment in each others company.
  • Holding Zelda and comforting her amidst a hostile environment when she broke down in tears. This action required him to disarm himself, something a knight would refrain from doing to the death in such a circumstance… unless, of course wanting to comfort his lady’s emotional needs
  • Mipha and Link (Mipha being the Zora Champion of Vah Ruta) who were comrades in the coming war were no doubt more than comrades in Mipha’s eyes as she very blatantly expressed her feelings for Link via flirtatious and affectionate gestures paired with a jealousy toward Zelda who spent far more time with him. However Link abstained from engagement in these behaviors showing us that his heart could have very well been set on someone else … hint, hint 😉
  • In the same way Zelda discovered her inner power when risking her own life to defend her hero, Link discovered his own inner power when coming to the aid of his princess who had been ambushed by immensely powerful beasts upon Death Mountain knowing that the odds were stacked against him! This certainly can demonstrate to us that their sacrificial love for each other is their greatest strength
Link and Zelda

All of these points could definitely be excused as dedication on Link’s part instead of “love” perse but what fun is a one sided romance anyway? Wouldn’t it make more sense that Link isn’t all that good at expressing his feelings because of his commitment to the role he was required to fill as the chosen hero? This is after all, the reason Zelda struggled with insecurities in her competency to do the same in filling her role, probably because (unlike Link) she was a little more susceptible to her own feelings than Link was to his own.

Either way, I believe The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel expected this year (or next) should give us a whole lot more insight on where Link stands with Zelda. If Zelda had taken the advice of the Great Deku Tree, than shortly after the credits rolled in BOTW she should have confessed her love to him. We look forward to the outcome!

Share your thoughts on this complicated relationship between Link and Zelda in BOTW in the comments below. We would be interested to see your views!


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