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My name is Anthony, leader of the VGG team and I’m sure it’s not all that difficult to figure out that I happen to enjoy video games… ALOT!!

Video games has always intrigued me since the good old days of the Super Mario series on the 1985 classic NES! Those big bulky cartridges with their exaggerated labels presenting such promise of adventure! Adventures where I assumed the role of a plumber gone coon wild against big daddy Bowser and his mischievous little turtle tyrants!

How those 8-bit experiences seemed to pull me inside my (at the time) 15″ TV screen beats me, and how revisiting these titles 20+ years later with all it’s NEStalgia still manages to have the same effect… clearly shows that there is no doubt a sense of “magic” video games seem to offer! Or maybe I just need to get a 1up… I mean… life?

Either way, with video games It’s that feeling of accomplishment when slaying the big bad boss, that undying persistence of reaching the next level, solving that intricate puzzle, or just the amazing sense of adventure when setting out on a motivating quest so brilliantly illustrated! It’s as if you were embarking on a first person experience through your favorite novel.

This is what drew me in from the start and essentially ignited my passion for video games. A passion I have possessed up to this day, leading me to reach out to my fellow gamers through my site, Video Gamer’s Guru!

Gamers Unite!

Gamers of all genres, skills, and preferences are welcome here! Be a part of an interactive gaming community where your input is valued and your participation is encouraged. Whether you play a little from time to time or go hard core playing all day every day, whether you’re a master or a novice you will fit in and we’ll be here to help you with all your gaming needs!



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