About Children of Morta

Genre: Action Role-Playing (RPG)

Platform: Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / XBOX One / PC (Steam)

Release Date: 11/20/2019

Rated T: Blood, Mild Language, Violence

Players: Single Player / Multiplayer (2 Player)

Recently Hitting the Nintendo Switch November 20th, Steam (PC) September 3rd, and XBOX One and PlayStation 4 October 15th the retro styled action RPG video game called Children of Morta has arrived!

receiving an immense amount of praise for its emotionally gripping tale, addictive gameplay, and role playing features, Children of Morta has a 96% user approval, 9/10 rating on Steam and a 82 rating on Metacritic while being nominated as the best action game and cooperative multiplayer at the GOTY awards!! Crazy cool considering the simplicity of the game!

Children of Morta has a graphic style much like Diablo 2 with considerably more polished back drops if I had to make a comparison, rather simple pixel art yet very beautifully illustrated. A couple other things that also relate to the Diablo series is not only the graphics and RPG aspect but also demonic enemies, loot based progression, and the incorporation of two player cooperative play as seen in Diablo 3.

What really sets Children of Morta apart though is its very powerful and strong story telling (or unfolding rather) as you follow a family through the eyes of each member and discover the heart and sacrifice of sticking together through trying times. Each member has their own skills and Progression via the typical leveling and skill points distribution while at the same time, you can acquire passive abilities through earned family traits. the emphasis on the family unity and loyalty really creates a unique experience especially enjoyable when shared with the family in it’s cooperative 2 player mode.

Children of Morta runs a pretty decent price from 20 to 30 some dollars depending on console and retailer, which is not bad at all considering the going rate for the typical newly released game and I would have to stand with the 96% on it being worth the play through. Certainly a one of a kind and memorable title to say the least.


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